I use multiple types of products to create imaginative,
creative and beautiful finishes for walls and ceilings of
all shapes, sizes and styles, all done by hand.


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Druthers Brewing



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Saratoga Springs Premier Boutique Hotel Experience

All ceilings in the hotel includes bedrooms, hallways, service hallways, ballroom, foyer and Morrisey’s Restaurant. 
Worked with Interior Designer to create a unique metallic finish hand done finish.


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18,000 sq. ft. custom new build home.


80% of the homes walls and ceilings were done in a lime marmarino berlina plaster. 
Venetian Plaster on some walls and ceilings, custom metallic plasters, silver leaf and glass beads.


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New Chapter, Storied Past.


Hotel built in 1924 with 12 hand painted beams based on an Italian Villa.  Beams were each 30 feet long and in very bad shape.  All beams were repaired and hand painted to original condition.  All other areas in lobby were wood grained to match original. Elevator doors and bar areas were done in a custom crackled gold metallic pattern.


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